Our Story


The Beach Bat Company is an English family business founded by Hylton Harvey.

Tired of going on holiday and finding few alternatives to buying cheap foreign made beach bats that were poorly made and not great to play with? Hylton set about making a beach bat that would last a lifetime.  The Beach Bat Company is focussed on making the world’s best, personalised, ethically sourced and manufactured Frescobol beach bats.

The Beach Bat Company bats are designed and handmade in the UK from local wood and are individually personalised and made to be cherished and enjoyed for a lifetime. 

To reaffirm our environmental credentials and to ensure we are always putting more back than we’ve taken out, we commit to plant a tree in the UK for each and every set of beach bats that are sold.  We also take great pride in the fact that our bats aren’t made abroad so their carbon footprint is small and we know our craftsmen personally, so no questionable labour makes its way into our bats.



Hylton has made the decision to ensure The Beach Bat Company plays its part in maintaining a sustainable future.